<em>Lulu is a Rhinoceros</em> authors Jason and Allison Flom

Lulu is a Rhinoceros Reading and Keeper Talk Charms Visitors

Inspired by the Safari Society’s Animals and Authors series, the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association recently hosted a special reading of the Goodreads Choice Award––nominated Lulu is a Rhinoceros, featuring authors Jason and Allison Flom. The story of a bulldog who just knows she’s a rhino was a huge hit with visitors.  Following Lulu’s journey was a special appearance from L.A.[…]

<strong>Keeper Nicki Piepers feeding a bottle to a baby gerenuk.</strong> Photo by Susan Pearson

National Zookeeper Week 2021

As the need to protect our wildlife and vanishing habitats increases, the role of animal keepers in zoo education and outreach has become essential.[…]