A half-submerged yellow frog peeks toward the camera.

Conservation Stars on View for the Very First Time

There’s a brand-new, public-facing habitat in the LAIR, and you’re going to want to hop on over immediately to see it![…]

Condor chick

Welcome to the World

We're thrilled to celebrate the adorable new faces that have recently joined our Zoo family! Read on for baby facts and photos.[…]

Bali myna starling Star photo by Jamie Pham

Animal Update: Star the Bali Myna Saved from Trafficking

You’re going to want to hear what’s happened since the episode was recorded.[…]

Mandrill with baby holding on

Zoo Welcomes New Baby Mandrill

The Zoo is happy to announce the birth of a new female mandrill![…]

<strong>Berani, the 17-year-old female orangutan born at the L.A. Zoo in 2005</strong> Photo by Jamie Pham

Keepers Reunite with Orangutan

In August, orangutan keepers Kathryn Vivian and Stania Olivera and senior keeper of apes Megan Fox attended the 15th annual Orangutan Species Survival Plan (OSSP) conference in Little Rock, Arkansas.[…]

Photo of a koala

Keeper Interview: Behind the Scenes of a Koala Introduction

Last month, our resident koalas, female Maya and male Burra, took the next step toward fulfilling their biological destinies when the two were introduced to live together as partners in the koala habitat.[…]