Zoo Life

On Beasts and Books

GLAZA Senior Editor and author Brenda Scott Royce discusses the personal and creative path that led to the publication her new book, Angela & Lulingu: Two Gorillas, A World Apart, being launched to celebrate World Gorilla Day at the Zoo.

An author sits comfortably outdoors with a children’s picture book on her lap.

Behind the Scenes with Keepers

The week of July 17 is National Zoo Keeper Week, and to celebrate the frontline stars of our Animal Care staff, we want to share some inside looks at what keepers do at the Zoo! Aside from wearing cool outfits and sharing their first-hand knowledge with guests, keepers do dozens of things that affect the day-to-day lives of animals.

a young man stands next to a California condor as the bird spreads its wings over a boulder.

Keeper Interview: Behind the Scenes of a Koala Introduction

Last month, our resident koalas, female Maya and male Burra, took the next step toward fulfilling their biological destinies when the two were introduced to live together as partners in the koala habitat. From the bellowing to the branch shaking to the sloth-like inverted tree hang, find out directly from Senior Animal Keeper Kevin Gorowski how everything went down. Hi, Kevin! What can you tell us about Burra and Maya? How do they behave that …

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Zoo Update with GLAZA President Tom Jacobson – September 2021

Last month, Zoo Director and CEO Denise Verret shared about the launch of the Zoo’s first-ever Conservation Strategic Plan (CSP), a six-part blueprint for the next five years of groundbreaking conservation actions at the Los Angeles Zoo. The CSP represents not only an incredible opportunity for the Zoo to take the lead in wildlife conservation locally, nationally, and globally, but also a multitude of ways for you – our generous members and donors – to increase your involvement in saving species from extinction.