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Actions You Can Take

When we say we can’t do our conservation work without you, we mean it. Every time you visit the Zoo, you’re supporting vital efforts to create a better future for wildlife. 

Want to take other actions that benefit animals, wild habitats, and the Earth we all share? There are so many ways—in your home, workplace, and communities. It’s all about making informed, conscious choices.  

  • Shop responsibly. Use the Sustainable Palm Oil Shopping and Seafood Watch apps (available in Google Play or the App Store) when making consumer choices. 
  • Travel responsibly. When traveling abroad, shop responsibly and avoid wildlife products.
  • Plant a native wildlife-friendly garden. Take some time to learn about the plants that are native to your region. Native plants support a broader range of wildlife, and many animal species are entirely reliant on native plants. For inspiration, check out the Zoo’s Bird Gardens and learn how to “bird-ify” your own garden
  • Take a stand against the ivory and rhino horn trade. Support conservation organizations that are working to reduce demand for these items and prevent poaching.
  • Avoid single-use plastics. Single-use plastics are one of the greatest conservation challenges we face. Do what you can to reduce the plastic in your life.
  • Wait at least two years before upgrading mobile devices, and, when you do, recycle through ECO-CELL at the L.A. Zoo. Learn about what devices are accepted, how to prepare them for recycling, and more. Electronic waste is toxic and difficult to break down, so avoid contributing to this problem by making good use of your electronics and recycling responsibly when you do replace them.
  • Waste less food at home. Food waste creates multiple environmental issues. All the energy and resources that went into producing food waste is lost and, in many cases, food waste contributes to pest populations, which in turn leads to increased pesticide use. Buy only what you can reasonably consume and keep track of your food.
  • Donate to the L.A. Zoo. Your support in the form of membership and donations helps us continue and build upon our integrated conservation efforts that are saving wildlife here at home and around the world.