Critically endangered Grauer’s gorillas at GRACE (Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education Center) in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Electronics recycling at the L.A. Zoo raises money for organizations such as GRACE.

Donate Unwanted Handheld Electronics and Help Save Gorillas

Gorillas are on the line… answer the call! When you recycle your devices at the L.A. Zoo, you’ll help raise money to directly support gorilla conservation efforts through Gorilla SAFE programs. Learn more on the Gorilla Species Survival Plan website.

Visit our blog to learn more about our sustainable recycling partner, ECO-CELL, and how mining for cell phone components impacts wild gorilla populations.

Donation Tips & Guidelines


Cell phones and accessories, digital cameras, handheld games, MP3 players, portable hard drives, e-readers, iPads, and other tablet devices. Note: We don’t accept laptop computer donations because shipping them is expensive. Please find a local alternative to recycle these and other large electronics.


  • Back up your data. Even if you already have your device set up to automatically sync to an online service such as iCloud or Google, it’s a good idea to do a manual backup before you recycle.
  • Perform a factory reset. This will delete your personal data and any apps you’ve installed.
  • Remove the SIM or SD card to ensure that your personal data is protected.
  • Deactivate the service. Before recycling, cancel service or remove the device from your account with your wireless provider.


You can deposit devices in the green mailbox-style container at the western lowland gorilla habitat (bachelor group viewing area) or leave them at the Membership Booth. On April 20–21 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., donate devices at the “Gorillas on the Line” booth at the Zoo’s Wild for the Planet event for a special gift, while supplies last.

Outside the L.A. area? Check with your local zoo to see if they have a collection box. Or, visit the ECO-CELL website to find out how you can send phones directly to our recycling partner.


Reach out to friends, family, colleagues, and classmates and urge them to donate their unwanted devices. When making your own donation, take a picture, share it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and tag @lazoo. Your photo may be included in an upcoming issue of Zoo View and/or on the Zoo’s website or social media channels.

Eco-Cell got a shout-out in the new book, Angela & Lulingu: Two Gorillas, A World Apart, produced by the Zoo in collaboration with GRACE. Learn more about the book here. A portion of the proceeds benefit GRACE.