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Teen Council for Conservation

Raising Our Voices: Amplifying Teen Voices for a Just & Sustainable Los Angeles

The Teen Council for Conservation serves as an equitable pathway for young Angelenos to voice their concerns and actively engage in developing meaningful solutions… Read more in the Zoo Blog

About the Teen Council for Conservation Program

The L.A. Zoo Teen Council for Conservation unites youths and creates pathways toward a future centered on conservation solutions in Los Angeles. This program empowers young Angelenos from all communities and highlights their strengths as leaders, builds skills in conservation and community building, and inspires these teens to enact change in themselves, at the Zoo, and in their communities. The Teen Council for Conservation focuses on issues surrounding conservation, social and environmental justice, and climate, and the specific focus is determined by the members each year.

Program Description and Commitment 

The Teen Council for Conservation consists of a maximum of 30 youth participants annually with the goal of having representation from the 15 Los Angeles City Council Districts each year. Participants serve for a nine-month term each year from October to June that includes virtual and in-person meetings, as well as planned activities and events. The estimated monthly time commitment for the participants is 8-12 hours. Additional meeting and time commitment concerns will be addressed with members of the Council and are subject to change to meet the needs of each cohort and their projects.

Education Stipend

The L.A. Zoo Teen Council for Conservation program provides young Angelenos with direct engagement and educational experiences to benefit their career and educational paths. Due to the varied socio-economic status of youth within the City of Los Angeles, the Zoo Department offers an educational stipend of $300.00 per month to participants of the L.A. Zoo Teen Council for Conservation.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Age 14-18 and enrolled in high school
  • Live within the City of Los Angeles
  • Interest in animals, zoos, conservation, and/or the communities of Los Angeles
  • Commitment to belonging, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and diversity

Application Process

The 2024 Teen Conservation Council cohort is currently underway. Information about the 2025 application process will be posted when it is available. Please check this webpage for updates.