Actions We Take

Modern accredited zoos are uniquely equipped to tackle conservation challenges. Our multifaceted, integrated efforts encompass the animals in our care; the communities we inspire; the field work we support; and the data, insights, and expertise we contribute to the global knowledge base focused on saving species.

Condor with red eyes

Conservation Strategic Plan

The Los Angeles Zoo recently launched a Conservation Strategic Plan (CSP) that charts a bold new path forward.



By working with other government entities and accredited animal care institutions as well as NGOs, academic institutions, local community groups, and more, we support biodiversity around the world and participate in a far-reaching network of conservation professionals.

In the Field

In the Field

With support from the L.A. Zoo, organizations around the globe are working to reduce habitat destruction, stop over-hunting, create sustainable conservation programs, and educate people about decreasing animal populations.

Female western lowland gorilla

At the Zoo

Not only does the L.A. Zoo collaborate with other accredited institutions to ensure that animal populations in human care are healthy and sustainable, but the expertise that’s cultivated and maintained through the Zoo’s daily care of animals directly benefits wild counterparts.[…]