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Not a Pet: The Truth about Exotic Animals in Your Home

In Los Angeles, pets come in all shapes and sizes. Many less common pets, including exotic ones, can surprise owners with their difficult care demands. Not only are some exotic animals challenging housemates, but they are also being trafficked illegally, which puts the entire species at risk.

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The Illegal Pet Trade

Many endangered and threatened species are prohibited or heavily regulated in international trade. On top of that, many state, county, and city ordinances prohibit the ownership of wild animals as pets. If you break the law, you could face hefty fines. Before thinking about bringing a wild animal into your home, know your local and state laws.

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The Consequences of Owning an Exotic Pet

Owning an exotic pet could bring unforeseen challenges for both the pet and the owner. Most owners do not have the resources, capacity, or finances to properly care for their exotic pets.

Angelenos interested in seeing more exotic animals should visit their Los Angeles Zoo – an institution dedicated to the wellbeing and conservation of species.

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Exotic Animals May Carry Diseases

Over the last few years, our world has been on heightened alert for the next global pandemic. Owning an exotic pet may put other animals and humans at risk for diseases, which is one of the many reasons potential pet owners should plan carefully when adding a new pet to their home.

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What Can You Do?

Be Smart with your Cart

Before you think about buying an exotic pet, make sure you are fully informed about your purchase.

Show Care when you Share

As consumers of social media, we must be careful about how we engage so we don’t unintentionally promote illegal activities or other harmful activities.

Advocate for Animals

Be an advocate for wildlife and help the people around you understand that certain animals don’t make good pets.