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Save Wildlife

As a conservation organization, our goal is to shape a better future for wildlife, humans, and our shared world. It is the heart of who we are and what we do. From innovative animal care to inspiring personal connections; from education and advocacy to building and cultivating lasting partnerships rooted in equity; from leading conservation efforts throughout the world to empowering Angelenos to connect to nature in their own spaces, our work is to conserve and protect the health and wellness of our shared planet for all. We are your Los Angeles Zoo.

Conservation Strategic Plan

In 2021, the Los Angeles Zoo launched its first-ever Conservation Strategic Plan (CSP). Starting in Griffith Park and extending around the globe, we are expanding our efforts to protect species and the habitats we share by focusing on six key areas, strengthening our partnerships, and engaging our diverse communities. Join us to create a just and sustainable world where people and wildlife thrive, together.

Conservation Project and Partner Spotlights 

As part of the CSP, we’ve introduced a new storytelling avenue for our communities to find and collect conservation information. With speakers representing experts from our conservation and community partners and our own L.A. Zoo, we believe it is important to share stories from their perspectives and hope to amplify their work to all of our communities.

The challenges facing wildlife today are formidable. An increasing human population coupled with inequities in wealth and resources is fueling habitat exploitation, poaching, human-animal conflicts, and climate change. These are global problems that call for solutions that transcend borders and unify us all.

Modern accredited zoos are uniquely equipped to tackle conservation challenges. Our multifaceted, integrated efforts encompass the animals in our care; the communities we inspire; the field work we support; and the data, insights, and expertise we contribute to the global knowledge base focused on saving species.

Every time you visit the Zoo, you’re supporting conservation. Want to take other actions that benefit wildlife? There are so many ways – in your home, workplace, and communities.

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