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New at the Zoo

There are always new arrivals at the L.A. Zoo. Some births are a happy surprise, but most are carefully planned as part of our efforts to save endangered and vulnerable species.


The Los Angeles Zoo welcomes its first FIVE California condor chicks. The first egg was laid at the Zoo at the beginning of January, marking an early start to the season. Since then, more have been laid for a total of 16 eggs so far this year.  Read more

Condor Hatchling at the L.A. Zoo

New Ocelot Kitten

A male ocelot kitten (Leopardus pardalis) was born recently. Weighing just 19 ounces at birth, the male ocelot kitten has been living behind-the-scenes where he will remain until he’s fully vaccinated and animal care staff feel confident he can safely move to his outdoor habitat. Read more

Ocelot kitten

It’s lambing season

We are happy to have welcomed two desert bighorn sheep lambs so far this spring and invite you to stop by and see them in the Drylands area of the Zoo. They are quickly getting used to the steep terrain and varied elevation of their space. In their habitat, you’re likely to see the lambs romping and climbing—a sure sign of spring.

Winter and spring saw the birth of three lambs. Photo by Jamie Pham

New News Is Good News

In collaboration with other institutions accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), the L.A. Zoo ensures that animal populations in human care are sustainable – healthy, biodiverse, and exhibiting the natural behaviors that would be essential for survival in the wild. That means births and new arrivals at the Zoo are good news! Many species, including the black-footed ferret, Arabian oryx, Spix’s macaw, and the California condor, have been restored to the wild thanks to these efforts.