The front entry sign for the Los Angeles Zoo, featuring a giraffe billboard in the right foreground.

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Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association (GLAZA)

Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association

Founded in 1963, the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association (GLAZA) is a nonprofit organization whose primary role is to seek and provide financial support for animal welfare, animal species conservation, capital projects, Learning & Engagement, community outreach programs, and marketing at the Los Angeles Zoo, and GLAZA’s operations. GLAZA’s additional functions include membership sales and relationship management, special events, site rentals, customer service, publications, and volunteer training and management. There are currently over 44,000 GLAZA member households and a volunteer corps of over 700.


Saving Wildlife.
Enriching Our Communities.
Creating Connections to Nature.


Creating a just and sustainable world where people and wildlife thrive, together.

Our Role

As the Zoo’s nonprofit advocate and partner, GLAZA commits to provide financial and mission support to the Zoo and its programs; raise public awareness about the Zoo; enhance the visitor experience; and steward the investments of visitors, members, and donors.

GLAZA President

Dawn Petersen-Amend, Interim President

GLAZA Administration

Janet Dial, Vice President Institutional Advancement
Jennifer Chan, Director of Events
Eric Happe, Director of Finance
Lisa Correa, Director of Membership
Kirin Daugharty, Director of Volunteer Programs
Emily Marrin, Director of Marketing & Communications
Brenda Scott Royce, Director of Publications

Board of Trustees


Erika Aronson Stern, Chair
Robert J. Ellis, Vice Chair
Matt Wilson, Treasurer
Phyllis Kupferstein, Secretary

Other Trustees

Courtney Appell
Michael Armstrong
Alma Banuelos
Shainaz Donnelly Burg
Esther S.M. Chao
Vivian Chow
Marlyn Day
Wendy Denham, M.D.
Brian Diamond
Justin Enbody
Sam Enoch
Alfred Fraijo, Jr.
Richard Lichtenstein
Steve O’Connell
Elisabeth Hunt Price
Morgan Roth
Marc L. Sallus
Jay Sonbolian
Randy Strait
Madeline Taft
Franco Terango
Ellia M. Thompson, Esq
Laura Wasserman
Jennifer Thornton Wieland
Grant Withers

Honorary Trustees

Rich Corgel
Diann Kim
Lori Samuels
Mary Urquhart
Betty White

Trustees Emeriti

Lloyd A. Levitin, Mrs. John F. Maher, Thomas R. Tellefsen, Polly Turpin


Dr. Evan Antin
Lance Bass
LouAnne Brickhouse, Conservation Ambassador
Jackie Chan
Julie Chang
Leila George
Carolyn Hennesy
Charley Koontz
Lisa Ling
Joel McHale
Ruben Rojas

GLAZA Financial Statements