At the Zoo

Not only does the L.A. Zoo collaborate with other accredited institutions to ensure that animal populations in human care are healthy and sustainable, but the expertise that’s cultivated and maintained through the Zoo’s daily care of animals directly benefits wild counterparts. The fact is, zoos like ours are a final barrier to extinction for many species. Away from the threats wild counterparts face, animals in human care offer hope for species survival and eventual repopulation of their native ranges.

Supporting the health and welfare of our animal residents is our top priority. It is ingrained in our mission and carries through our daily operations.

Animals on the Brink of Survival More than 16,000 of the nearly two million documented species on our beautiful planet are currently classified as endangered – an all-time high.

The Los Angeles Zoo was one of the first zoos in the nation to establish a research department, the goal of which is to increase knowledge of animal behavior and improve wellbeing.

As one of L.A.’s municipal departments, we support, promote, and participate in City initiatives to reduce negative environmental impact.