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Super Troopers: New Chimps Arrive

The Zoo has recently welcomed two new chimpanzees! Curator of Mammals Candace Sclimenti says “the intros are going great” with the rest of the troop, and in fact the duo—two males—were recently made acquainted with the current alpha male.

Fierce Females of the Species

When it comes to size, strength, cunning, and leadership, the females have it in some exceptional species. For these females, out-weighing and out-witting are the rule, both on the hunt and at home. Across the animal kingdom, females sometimes outsize their male counterparts, and the L.A. Zoo is home to several of these bigger beasts. Our birds, in particular, feature many species with females reaching greater size than males. Eagles, such as our bald eagle, …

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Animal Absences, Explained

The L.A. Zoo is home to more than 270 species, but sometimes you might not see your favorite on a trip to the Zoo. What causes animal absences, and what are the best tips for seeing the most animals during your visit?

Zoo-m In, Summer 2021

When making the rounds at the Zoo, Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association member Arthur Bohlmann has a few must-see stops: the painted dogs (his favorites), the Indian gharials, and the Western lowland gorillas.

News in the Zoo, July 2021

This year, a total of ten California condor (Gymnogyps californianus) chicks hatched at the L.A. Zoo and two additional chicks hatched at other facilities—one at the Oregon Zoo and the other at the Peregrine Fund’s World Center for Birds of Prey in Idaho.

Night Shift

Butterflies may be more popular with people, but their nocturnal cousins are prime pollinators.