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Conservation Project and Partner Spotlights

We are excited to introduce our monthly Speaker Series, a new storytelling avenue for our communities to find and collect conservation information. With speakers representing experts from our conservation and community partners and our own L.A. Zoo, we believe it is important to share stories from their perspectives and hope to amplify their work to all of our communities. 

Speaker Series: Painted Dog Research Trust

November 2021

Join us in this Speaker Series as we feature Dr. Greg Rasmussen of the Painted Dog Research Trust, a conservation program supported by the L.A. Zoo since 2018.  Dr. Greg Rasmussen’s research began in 1987, making his work the longest single-focused study on painted dogs. Collective conservation impact is achieved through the research of painted dogs and their habitat, school programs, and the facilitation of academic and practical training of students and graduates with the explicit intent of securing a future generation of Zimbabwean conservation scientists. 

May 2022

Get an update from Dr. Greg Rasmussen on the incredible work of the Painted Dog Research Trust, including how they have incorporated Miyawaki-style micro-forests to engage and support local people and wildlife. These miniature forests are based on the work of the late Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki, who specialized in natural vegetation restoration.

Speaker Series: National Wildlife Federation

As the Los Angeles Zoo implements its first Conservation Strategic Plan, our vision is a future where humans and wildlife thrive together. Conservation partner and expert Beth Pratt, Regional Executive Director of the California Regional Center of the National Wildlife Federation, has been a pillar in conservation focused on coexistence between humans and wildlife. In Los Angeles, she is a leader for L.A. mountain lions and an advocate for urban wildlife, bringing P-22’s story to life and supporting solutions where mountain lions thrive in the city we all share. Join us to hear from Beth Pratt as she takes us through her stories featuring P-22, the Liberty Canyon Wildlife Crossing, and more.

Speaker Series: California Condor Recovery Program

The Los Angeles Zoo supports vulture conservation efforts in a multifaceted approach. From the vultures in our care, to the communities we engage, the field work we support, and the expertise we contribute, we are deeply committed to saving species. The California Condor Recovery Program (CCRP), a conservation success story, is a great example of this in action.

Speaker Series: Wild Earth Allies

Learn about our conservation partner Wild Earth Allies and their work to monitor and prevent human-elephant conflicts in Cambodia. Since 2007, the Los Angeles Zoo has provided critical financial support to reduce these conflicts and engage surrounding communities in protecting elephants.