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Join the L.A. Zoo’s Plastic-Free Ecochallenge Team!

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For the third year in a row, the L.A. Zoo is taking part in the Plastic Free Ecochallenge, a friendly competition among zoos and aquariums to reduce single-use plastics in our everyday lives.

The L.A. Zoo’s Team APE (Angeleno Plastic Eliminators) is made up of Zoo staff, volunteers, members, and other supporters. We invite you to join us!

After log in, join using code: TeamAPE2024!

PLastic-Free july

Plastic pollution is pervasive in our environment and particularly harmful to aquatic wildlife.

“By taking this opportunity to learn more about plastic and find alternatives to it, we can help improve conditions for wildlife and people,” says Director of Sustainability and Capital Programs Carol Armstrong.

We have 31 days during July to demonstrate our impact and take this year’s title, but we need YOU to sign up, choose some actions you want to take, and check in each day to mark your progress. You can get points for yourself and our team by recruiting others, commenting on the team feed, adding photos, and more. Every little action counts!

Filling up a reusable water bottle at a Hydration Station

The small changes individual team members are making this month are the perfect way to tackle a problem that seems insurmountable. Tracking actions such as going strawless, switching to reusable containers, and swapping out packaged snacks with package-free ones helps teams across the country see firsthand how individual choices can add up to big change.

See how you can make a difference, learn, and become part of the solution to plastic pollution.

After log in, join using code: TeamAPE2024!