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Special Needs Outreach

Docent holds an animal pelt as a seated woman touches it with her hands
Photo by Terry Terriquez

GLAZA’S Special Needs Outreach Program

The Special Needs Outreach program was specifically created to connect the Zoo with members of the community who cannot easily visit and enjoy the Los Angeles Zoo in person.

Special Needs Outreach visits:

  • Special needs classrooms
  • Acute care centers
  • Adult day centers
  • Senior homes
  • Metropolitan State Hospital
  • Convalescent homes
  • Memory care units
  • And many more!

Using our Fly River turtle outreach van, our trained docents bring numerous biofacts and touchable items–like ostrich eggs, elephant teeth, giraffe jaws, opossum skulls, kangaroo pelts, snakeskin sheds, and so much more—that our audience can see and touch during our engaging, interactive, educational program.

Our knowledgeable Docents share animal stories, information, and pictures about numerous amazing animal species. Participants will enjoy learning about animals’ adaptations, behaviors, diets, habitats, and exceptional abilities.

For more information, please email DocentOutreach@lazoo.org.