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Although all amphibian species depend upon water for reproduction and to keep their skin moist, some can live both in fresh water and on land. They range in size from frogs that are less than a half-inch long to giant salamanders that reach five feet in length.


The axolotl is the Peter Pan of the amphibian world. It is a tiger salamander that never grows up.

Chinese Giant Salamander

About More information coming soon! Location Within the Zoo You’ll find this animal in the LAIR.

Iranian Harlequin Newt

Iranian harlequin newts live in streams and pools of water that dry up after three to four months.

Poison Frogs

These tiny gem-like amphibians are incredible parents.

Sonoran Toad

All toads secrete toxins from glands in their skin, the purpose of which is to repel predators.

Tiger Salamander

Although they are common in the pet trade, these unique salamanders are rarely seen in the wild.