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UPDATE: Betty & Angela & Lulingu

It’s January, and we’re celebrating two of our favorite friends. Cherished longtime Zoo champion, trustee, and donor Betty White’s birthday is January 17, and our feisty western lowland gorilla, Angela, is turning four years old on January 18! Betty’s story and Angela’s have been woven together since our beloved Betty passed away in December of 2021. Now it’s time to remember and celebrate with Angela & Lulingu, a picture book created with funds donated in Betty’s honor.

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On Beasts and Books

GLAZA Senior Editor and author Brenda Scott Royce discusses the personal and creative path that led to the publication her new book, Angela & Lulingu: Two Gorillas, A World Apart, being launched to celebrate World Gorilla Day at the Zoo.

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An author sits comfortably outdoors with a children’s picture book on her lap.

Behind the Scenes with Keepers

The week of July 17 is National Zoo Keeper Week, and to celebrate the frontline stars of our Animal Care staff, we want to share some inside looks at what keepers do at the Zoo! Aside from wearing cool outfits and sharing their first-hand knowledge with guests, keepers do dozens of things that affect the day-to-day lives of animals.

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a young man stands next to a California condor as the bird spreads its wings over a boulder.