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L.A. Zoo Lights: Animals Aglow presented by US Bank

November 17 - January 7

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A family enjoying a light display at L.A. Zoo Lights: Animals Aglow
November 17–January 7

L.A. Zoo Lights: Animals Aglow

Explore an immersive landscape filled with dazzling new lantern sculptures of animals among blooming flowers, towering trees, and more, for a nature-focused holiday celebration that’s as inspiring as it is breathtaking.

People standing in front of a light-up wing display at L.A. Zoo Lights: Animals Aglow

Includes express entry to L.A. Zoo Lights: Animals Aglow and access to a private lounge from 6:30–8:30 p.m.

A faily enjoying Family New Year's Eve at L.A. Zoo Lights

Includes express entry to L.A. Zoo Lights: Animals Aglow, buffet dinner with dessert, dancing, live broadcast of the Times Square ball drop, and a New Year toast with sparkling wine or apple cider.

Reggie’s Bistro open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Today at the L.A. Zoo

Shows & Activities

Safari Shuttle ($5, last trip departs at 3:30 p.m.)
Tom Mankiewicz Conservation Carousel ($3)

Become a Docent at the L.A. Zoo

Love animals and conservation? Apply to become a Docent at the Los Angeles Zoo! We’re accepting applications and scheduling interviews through December 1. Visit our Docent Volunteer page for more information.

“I love mountain tapirs, and so being able to work with them, it’s just truly a gift. I know, that doesn’t sound super deep, but that’s really, truly how I feel,” says Dr. Jordan Davis-Powell, the Zoo’s associate veterinarian.

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From the daily care of animals to educating and inspiring communities to leading species-saving efforts in far-off lands, everything we do has a single unifying goal: to help create a better future for wildlife.