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World of Birds Show

12 p.m. Daily* (except Tuesdays)
Angela Collier World of Birds Theater (see Zoo Map)

The World of Birds Show has been delighting audiences for nearly 40 years! Launched by a major gift from the Angela Collier Foundation, the new World of Birds Theater reopened to the public in 2014. The refreshed and reimagined free-flight presentation features impressive displays of natural behavior and close up views of some of the L.A. Zoo’s most colorful residents.

More than 15 species of birds take flight during this experience, including parrots, vultures, raptors, and many more. Guests may get the chance to see a Harris’ hawk catch prey midair, be amazed at a peregrine falcon diving overhead at unbelievable speeds, or glimpse the only California condor in a naturalistic bird show**. Join us six days a week at the World of Birds theater to be dazzled by our avian friends, hear about the L.A. Zoo’s continued commitment to conservation, and learn how you can help protect our natural world and the incredible species that we share it with.

*Weather permitting 
**Lineup subject to change


Nipper here is about 40 years old already, and they can live to around sixty years. So if you’re not ready for that kind of life-long commitment, maybe a better pet would be to have a cat.  
[Parrot mimics a cat meow]  
Or if you really want companionship, what about a chicken? 
[Parrot mimics chicken cluck]
Or how about a rooster?
[Parrot mimics rooster crow]
Good job!