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Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) FAQ

What is HPAI?

Highly pathogenic avian influenza, also known as “bird flu,” is a highly contagious virus that infects wild and domestic birds, such as birds in the same family as chickens, cranes, condors, raptors, and crows. It’s typically spread by wild birds during seasonal migrations.

What is the L.A. Zoo doing to keep birds safe?

Earlier this summer, the Zoo began moving many of its birds to protected areas to prevent contact with migrating waterfowl. To further help protect the birds in the Zoo’s care, the Zoo closed public access to its Upper and Lower Aviaries and suspended the bird show. The Zoo has limited access to its bird collection to essential staff only. Because HPAI can be tracked on shoes, essential staff entering bird areas must use sanitizing foot-bath pads.

Are people at risk from avian flu?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that the risk to the general public is considered to be very low, and advises people to avoid direct contact with birds and their waste in order to stay healthy.

For more information, visit the CDC page for Information on Bird Flu.