Campers enjoying Zoo Camp

Zoo Camp

Zoo Camp Summer 2023

June 19 – August 11, 2023

All Zoo Camps for Summer 2023 are SOLD OUT

Price: $400 a week (Only Visa, MasterCard, or Discover accepted. No international cards accepted.) Members will receive 10% off General Registration (discount code can be found in the March Zooscape email).
Extended Care: $100 a week. Includes a.m. and/or p.m. (can attend either or both every day). Day-of extended care sign-ups are $20 per day

Zoo Camp Summer 2023 Schedule

Entering Grade as of Fall 2023Week of June 19 – 23Week of June 26 – 30Week of July 3 – 7Week of July 10 – 14Week of July 17 – 21Week of July 24 – 28Week of July 31 – August 4Week of August 7 – 11
PreK-KDown on the FarmPainting PeacocksWild ImaginationsZoo’s CluesDown on the FarmPainting PeacocksWild ImaginationsZoo’s Clues
PreK-KZoo’s CluesDown on the FarmPainting PeacocksWild ImaginationsZoo’s CluesDown on the FarmPainting PeacocksWild Imaginations
1st–2ndAnimal FriendsFoodie FrenzyFearsome FaunaWilderness TrekAnimal FriendsFoodie FrenzyFearsome FaunaWilderness Trek
1st–2ndWilderness TrekAnimal FriendsFoodie FrenzyFearsome FaunaWilderness TrekAnimal FriendsFoodie FrenzyFearsome Fauna
3rd–4thAnimals at PlayInto the AmazonRebel RaptorsBehaving WildlyAnimals at PlayInto the AmazonRebel RaptorsBehaving Wildly
3rd–4thBehaving WildlyAnimals at PlayInto the AmazonRebel RaptorsBehaving WildlyAnimals at PlayInto the AmazonRebel Raptors
5th–6thNature’s GalleryHabitat HappeningsLocal LegendsExpedition JaguarNature’s GalleryHabitat HappeningsLocal LegendsExpedition Jaguar

Class Descriptions

Pre K – K

Down on the Farm

Old MacDonald had a farm and so does the Los Angeles Zoo! Children adore farm animals, and on our farm, we have goats, sheep, and pigs. Come on down to our farm and get up close with these noisy barnyard animals and discover all the amazing things they do!

Painting Peacocks

Paint, sculpt, collage, and carve your way through a week of artistic fun. Crayons, clay, watercolors, and paint will help bring to life the Zoo’s wild collection of plants and animals.

Wild Imaginations

Lights, cameras, action! Animals have inspired characters in tv shows and movies for over 100 years. Come with us as we compare real animals to their silver screen representations!

Zoo’s Clues

Grab your notebooks as we head on a Zoo adventure! This week we will be finding clues to answer questions about our animal friends. Can you figure out Zoo’s clues?

1st – 2nd

Animal Friends

Animals have helped humans for a very long time. Join us this summer to learn about the partnership between animals and people while discovering the many ways that animals help humans today!

Foodie Frenzy

Calling all foodies! This week we will be learning all about animal diets while we explore food webs, teeth, poop, and more!

Fearsome Fauna

Warning! Join us for a week of poisons, venoms, and the world’s most dangerous animals and plants! Discover creatures that have deadly defense systems, poisonous plants that eat bugs, and more!

Wilderness Trek

Planet Earth is home to incredible, diverse creatures. During this expedition, we will discover which animals survive and thrive on each continent of our planet while exploring the animals that share our home in North America.

3rd – 4th

Animals at Play

Every day, all over the world, kids are running, jumping, chasing, hiding, seeking, swinging, and sliding. You know what? Animals everywhere are doing a lot of the same things! Join us as we discover the importance of animal playtime!

Into the Amazon

All aboard for the riverboat cruise! Glimpse some of nature’s most colorful and bizarre plants and animals as we venture down the famous Amazon River. This week is filled with exciting animal discoveries from the heart of the South American rainforest.

Rebel Raptors

Get out your talons and rip into this week of raptor camp! Whether it’s diving at top speeds to catch prey or building nets on the edge of a cliff, we’ll discover what makes raptors the ultimate predators of the sky.

Behaving Wildly

How do you train a sea lion? How do you keep a bird busy? Learn how scientists study animal behavior in the wild and here at the Zoo. Practice making observations, collecting animal data, and creating enrichment items that will keep even the most mischievous monkey busy.

5th – 6th

Nature’s Gallery

Let’s get creative! Explore the Zoo with an artist’s eye while learning about artists who have used nature for inspiration! Create your own Zoo inspired art using different mediums to express yourself!

Habitat Happenings

Condors in a condo? Snakes in a shack? Axolotl in an apartment? All living creatures have special places to live. Come explore the places that animals call “home.”

Local Legends

Join us for a journey through the largest urban park this side of the Mississippi! This week we will learn all about the local animals and plants, while also learning about real (and not real) famous animals such as: P-22, Smokey the Bear, and more!

Expedition Jaguar

This week’s adventure takes us into the rich rainforest of the Americas. We will be exploring the animals, plants, and cultures that live in this exciting habitat. Discover as we spend the week delving into the many layers that comprise this magnificent biome.

Zoo Camp Scholarship

Applications CLOSED for 2023

As a part of the Los Angeles Zoo’s long-standing mission to make nature and animals accessible to the children of Los Angeles, we are proud to offer Summer Zoo Camp Scholarships for families with financial need. Zoo Camp is a week-long day camp offered for 8 weeks during the summer. Zoo Camp is for children independent of their parents and provides a safe, fun, and nurturing setting where they can focus on making friends with both campers and animals. We will hold a lottery if the number of applications received exceeds the awards available.