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ADOPT an Animal

ADOPT package

Animal adoptions make great gifts for family and friends! The ADOPT (Animals Depend On People, Too) program offers animal lovers the opportunity to take a lead role in the Los Angeles Zoo’s wildlife conservation efforts and create a special bond with the animals. All animals at the Zoo are available to ADOPT. Funds from the ADOPT program benefit the welfare of the animals that call the Los Angeles Zoo home, ensuring that they are enriched and thrive here.

Species may have more than one sponsor. All animals remain in the care of the Los Angeles Zoo and no ownership rights are conferred. Please note that packages cannot be shipped outside the United States. Please allow up to two weeks for processing and shipping.

Holiday ADOPT

Holiday ADOPT package featuring a rhino

Symbolically adopt any animal at the Zoo! All ADOPT packages include a personalized adoption certificate and a beautiful photo factsheet of your chosen animal. ADOPTions at $100 or higher also include a mini rhino plush in honor of our rhino, Marshall! Proceeds directly fund projects around the world through our Annual Zoo Conservation Grants Program. Please purchase by December 14. We will make every effort to process and ship orders received by this date, so they arrive before December 25. 

General ADOPTion


ADOPTs are the perfect gift for the animal lover in your life! All recipients receive a personalized adoption certificate and unique photo fact sheet of your chosen species. One-of-a-kind benefits are available at various levels.

by Mail

Mail a completed ADOPTion form to:
ADOPT an Animal
Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association
5333 Zoo Drive
Los Angeles CA 90027-1498

For more information or to make your gift by phone, please contact the Development Division at (323) 486-1352.


Giving Level$35$50$100$250$500$1000
Personalized Certificatexxxxxx
Animal Photo Fact Sheetxxxxxx
ADOPT Car Decalxxxxx
Website Recognitionxxxx
Stunning Professional 8×10 in. Color Photo
of Your ADOPTed Animal*
Four L.A. Zoo Day Passesxx
Docent-led Cart Tour for Up to Four Peoplex

*Photos taken by award-winning L.A. Zoo photographer.
NOTE: Packages cannot be shipped outside the United States.


$150 or more per class

Students can make a difference! Looking for a new class outreach/community service project? Consider symbolically adopting an animal at the Los Angeles Zoo. By making a class donation of $150.00 or more, students can support endangered species programs at the Zoo and around the world.

Package includes:

  • Group ADOPTion certificate
  • 8-1/2 x 11″ color photo of the “adopted” animal
  • One fact sheet per student on the adopted species
  • ADOPT window decal for the classroom
  • Class recognition on the L.A. Zoo website for one year

By mail

Mail a completed ADOPTion form to:

ADOPT an Animal
Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association
5333 Zoo Drive
Los Angeles CA 90027-1498

For more information or to make your gift by phone, please contact the Development Division at (323) 486-1352.

ADOPT Specials

Animal-a-Month Package

$350 per year or $175 for six months

Introducing an exciting opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts, where the recipient becomes an ADOPTive parent to a different Los Angeles Zoo animal each month for an entire year! The tax-deductible gift package includes a unique “photo album” designed to hold the year’s collection of photo factsheets and personalized adoption certificates.

by mail

Mail a completed ADOPTion form to:

ADOPT an Animal
Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association
5333 Zoo Drive
Los Angeles CA 90027-1498

For more information or to make your gift by phone, please contact the Development Division at (323) 486-1352.

Current ADOPTive Parents

Ira Anikstein
Robert Jose Arciniega

Connie Baca
Diana Banat
Nadia Barasch
Kelly Beans
Cathy Bell
Erick Rodriguez Bello
Aysha Bennett
June Berliner
Celeste Berzer
Jessica Besbris
Sandra Biehler
Charles Boettcher
Andrew Borzone
Molly Boyke
Carole Boyles
Sandy Bradley
Suzanne Bronson
Kelli Brookshire
Frank Brown
Debbie Butler

Tina Caron
Julie Casey (in loving memory of Linda-Miller Smith)
Cathemae Cecchin
Sharlene Chan
Mark Charvat
Ryan Chergey
May Chi
Martha Chomitz-Slater
Melissa Christina
Luci-Ellen Chun & Mark Wong
Kathleen Collins
Ari Cosmatos
Maria Cox
Cathy Curtis

Cassandra Dalton
Kianna Dalton
Lucas D’Angelo
Sophia D’Angelo
Jamieson DeAngelis
Jeff & Ellen DeAngelis
Morgan DeAngelis
Sharon Sandow de Groot
Damian Dehaven
Stephen DeSoto
Renee de Vicq
Anthony Nino DiGregorio
Cormac Doe
John & Jim Durrant

Gianni Eimerman-Wallace
Skye Elliot
Karin Ellis
Emily, Ella, Mackenzie, Giselle
Donna Enfiajian
Olliwer Eriksson
Ricardo Escarcega
Scarlett Etheredge

Juniper Fienberg
Debbie Fils
Grace Emarie Finelli
Ryan William Finelli
Joshua Fischler
River Flye

Kylan Gamell
Joseph Garbee
Cayleigh Garcia
Carlton, Melissa & Sienna Gillespie
Jennifer Glaza Howard
Linda Goldin
Tanya Gonzalez
Easton Grauman
Flora Serafini Greco
Penny and Mira Guyon

Christine Hagan
Elaine Hattendorf
Lechelle & Tim Harrington
Carter Chen Heminway
Sharon L Henderson
Deanna Hendricks
Tara Hiljus
Timothy W Hopkins
Kathryn Horan
Pei-Hwa Huang

Olivia Iannicelli
Colin Isco
Kaitlyn Isco
Sue Ivanjack

Tom Jacobson & Ramone Munoz
Jack’s Friend
Yizhou Jia
Gail Johnston-Krakower
Carson Jordan
James Jordan
Poppy June Jorgensen
Bertha Joseph
Marlene Justice

Gail Kasovac
Noriko Kelley
Victoria and Alexandra Kelly
Charlotte Julia Kiaie
Kora Xu Koupal
Michael & Jane Krause
Pat Krause
Eowyn Krieger
Evelyn Kuo
Jack Kurtz

Liem Lam
John, Tammy and Devin Larson
Cooper Lebeda
Melanie Leippi
Kelly Leong
Dr. Victor Levine
David Lew
Linda Lewin and Family
Ambriana Little
Diane Lizardo
Blake Loupee
Frankie Loupee
Jerry Lung

Branden Justin Maes
Ella Masters
Jameson Matero
Jordan Matero
Josie Mauch
Eamonn McDonald
Kirstin McDonald
David L McFadden
Colleen McQuillen
Bill Meeks
Bari Milken Bernstein
Gregory Milken
Melvin Miller
Sabrina Miner
Holly Mitchell
Suzanne Molina
Abbey Moon
Natasha Moon
Kelly Morrissey
Sean P Mulcahy
Kelsey Munger
Corina Munsch
Rose Murphy

Diane Naegele
Matthew Needham
Jannine Negron
Rebecca Nething
Kathy Neufeld

Aiden Oda
Heidi Okuhara
Sofia Ollila
Xander Omens

Emilie Pallos
Ruby Palma
Rohan Patel
Katie Pelon
Soline Peraza
Adaline Pope
Stefanie Powers
Doug Price

Alita Rabe
Herbert Raymond
Marc Rico
In memory of Levi Robertson
Loretta Rodriguez
Abigail Romero
Michelle Romero
Lauren Rosenberg
Morgan Gray Rubin
Michael Rueda
Kristie Rusk

Maya & Sophia Saraiya
Danny & Sabrina Sardari
Julie Sauer
Joseph Schuster
Tommy Seidel
Robert Seidman
Donald W Sharp
Sadie Sharp
Raymond Shelgren IV
Ava Shen
Hannah Shen
The Simun Family
Lori Slomka
Zach Sriro
Ralph Stanfield
Harriet Stepner
Ashlyn Sutton
The Sweet Family
Katherine Swezey

Sean Tanigaki
Christa Wright Teague
Jane Thomas
Maddy Tjiong
Kimberly Tsuyuki

Andy Ur

Manuel Valenzuela
Thelma Valenzuela
Annelies van Haeften
David Verulashvili

Ethan Wagner
Jacob Wagner
Khayman Walker
Julia Ward
Marsha Wasser
Rachel Westergaard
Michelle Wiesel
Andrew Williams
Vicki Winthrop
Hanna Winzenried
Julie Woolley
Martha Woolley
Mark Wong
Gareth Wood
Debbie Wood-Martinson

Bei Yang

Hartley Zee
Gabe Zeiger
Neo Zeiger

Group Adoptions
ASCS 4th/5th Grade Dual Language
Chiao Hsin Chinese Language School 4th & 5th Grades
Felicitas & Gonzalo Mendez High School
Girl Scout Troop 4656
Ms. Simmon’s 3rd Grade Class
Room 36, 109th Street Elementary School
Santa Monica Girl Scout Troop 71765
Thomas Jefferson Room 11 2nd Grade Class

Monthly Adoptions
Girl Scout Group 3456
Rylea Cassetty
Donna Tupper
Ty Williams