Fish are aquatic, limbless vertebrate animals with gills and fins. The gills help fish breathe underwater, and the fins aid in movement. Most fish are cold-blooded, or ectothermic.

Banded Archerfish

The archerfish targets aerial prey by shooting a jet of water from its mouth.

Bucktooth Tetra

This small, torpedo-shaped fish is a small but fierce predator.
The underside of a stingray showing its mouth and mottled skin

Polka-Dot Stingray

The polka-dot stingray is a freshwater species native to Brazil’s Xingu River Basin.


Rainbowfish are named for the iridescent colors that refract from their scales.
A group of small, black and white-striped fish float among green plants.

Striped Leporinus

This freshwater fish is found in fast-moving waters in the Amazon river basin.