Here, you’ll see some of  Earth’s rarest reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates—many of which can be seen at no other zoo in the world. Each habitat is beautifully themed with hand-painted murals of damp and misty forests, rainforest canopies, mountain vistas, and dry arid deserts to exemplify the natural environments of the many diverse species.

The LAIR comprises two distinct buildings and adjacent outdoor spaces, with a total of 49 habitats. Inside, glass-fronted panoramic displays bring visitors into close proximity with a stunning array of species, and large windows give guests the unique opportunity to observe staff as they work to preserve and repopulate vanishing species. Outside, freshwater pools are home to tomistomas, painted river terrapins, and one of the world’s largest crocodilians—the Indian gharial.

Fast Facts

  • LAIR = “Living Amphibians, Invertebrates, and Reptiles”
  • Showcases more than 60 species of amphibians, invertebrates, and reptiles from around the world.
  • Innovative exhibit earned multiple design and engineering awards.
  • Divided into six sections: the Damp Forest, Betty’s Bite and Squeeze (named for longtime L.A. Zoo champion Betty White), Care and Conservation, Arroyo Lagarto, Crocodile Swamp, and the Desert LAIR.
  • Visitors experience the sounds of nature and species represented in the LAIR through audio presented in AstoundSound.®
  • Serves as a vital base for the Zoo’s pioneering reptile and amphibian conservation initiatives.