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Raising Our Voices: Amplifying Teen Voices for a Just & Sustainable Los Angeles

The Teen Council for Conservation serves as an equitable pathway for young Angelenos to voice their concerns and actively engage in developing meaningful solutions. It is a transformative journey, evolving each year with new cohorts working towards creating a just and sustainable world where people and wildlife thrive, together.

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TCC students hike in Catalina Island

UPDATE: Betty & Angela & Lulingu

It’s January, and we’re celebrating two of our favorite friends. Cherished longtime Zoo champion, trustee, and donor Betty White’s birthday is January 17, and our feisty western lowland gorilla, Angela, is turning four years old on January 18! Betty’s story and Angela’s have been woven together since our beloved Betty passed away in December of 2021. Now it’s time to remember and celebrate with Angela & Lulingu, a picture book created with funds donated in Betty’s honor.

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Just Browsing

Did you know plants in the Zoo, around Griffith Park, and throughout many cities in Los Angeles County help feed your favorite animals at the Zoo? Cut branches with leaves, soft shoots, flowers, and fruit called are “browse” and are among the fresh food enjoyed by many species who call the Zoo home. Cutting, transporting, and managing browse is part of animal keepers’ jobs, and each animal in their care has special requirements and favorite browse.

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Juvenile rhino Marshall chomps on a thin branch.