Summer 2022

What’s Cool and New at the L.A. Zoo


Plan your visit to meet our babies today! When he arrived in April, our baby giraffe was the tallest calf ever born at the L.A. Zoo. Compared to the rest of the herd, though, he still looks tiny! Meanwhile, our new kangaroo is out of the pouch, but still staying close to mom. You can see this bundle of “joey” in our Australia section. And, like many toddlers, two-year-old Angela the western lowland gorilla is curious and playful. Her home is Campo Gorilla Reserve.


A sea lion, giant otter, and polkadot stingray.

Cool off with up-close views of water-loving critters. Go deep with sea lions and seals at Sea Life Cliffs and giant otters, stingrays, and piranhas at Rainforest of the Americas.