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GLAZA Spring 2024 Annual Fund Campaign

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Your support, including gifts to this appeal, affords GLAZA the opportunity to invest in and fund-raise for the Zoo’s conservation priorities. Your gift now is now an investment in the future of GLAZA, the Los Angeles Zoo, and wildlife everywhere. 

Make a gift of $250 or more to this campaign and receive an invitation to an exclusive breakfast event at the Zoo.

A Message from the GLAZA CHaIR

With the help of our members, donors and friends, GLAZA led the effort to provide seed funds for the Los Angeles Zoo’s bold Conservation Strategic Plan (CSP). This is what we do to provide our partner with the resources to make their goals a reality.   

Since the CSP was unveiled in 2021, we’ve been working with the Zoo to fund the Plan’s conservation priorities, including  combatting the illegal wildlife trade.  At the heart of this problem is the ownership of exotic pets. High global demand fuels the capture and trade of millions of animals and is a major threat to the world’s wildlife.  

According to Dr. Jake Owens, the Zoo’s Director of Conservation, “The illegal wildlife trade increases the threat many animals already face due to habitat loss, climate change, and other human activities.”  Southern California is a hub for wild animal trafficking, and many exotic animals seized by law enforcement end up at the Zoo. With funding provided by GLAZA, the Zoo began its “Not A Pet” campaign as part of their work with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Wildlife Trafficking Alliance to bring attention to the problems inherent in exotic pet ownership.  

Combatting illegal wildlife trade is a cornerstone of the Zoo’s Conservation Strategic Plan and the Zoo’s involvement in the “Not A Pet” campaign was made possible thanks to generous donors like you. You should be proud that you have been part of such a successful, species-saving effort. 

Thank you again for all you do, and all you have done, for GLAZA and the L.A. Zoo.


Erika Aronson Stern
Chair, Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association Board of Trustees

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