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Our planet is in the midst of an extinction crisis. Join the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association’s monthly giving program to become a Wildlife Caretaker and start making a difference for threatened species today.

Who are Wildlife Caretakers? We’re a group of like-minded conservationists that, despite the rapid onset of climate change and the increasing loss of habitat, believe that it’s not too late to make a difference for animals.

Your monthly gift helps the L.A. Zoo protect wildlife, supporting over 30 animal conservation programs both locally and across five continents. For as little as 17 cents a day, you can ensure that our ongoing work of conserving, protecting, and building empathy for wildlife species continues.

It’s easy to make a difference for our natural environment. Sign up to pledge your monthly donation today. As a Wildlife Caretaker, your gift will renew annually, and you can change your gift amount or opt out at any time. Each January, we will send you a tax receipt for your giving history from the previous year.

Learn more about the field work and grants that Wildlife Caretakers help make possible!

The only zoo outside of South America to house red uakari monkeys, the L.A. Zoo provides ongoing support to the Red Uakari Conservation Project.