Dr. Davis-Powell sits in a mountain field with a volcano in the background

Field Notes: Ecuador with Dr. Jordan Davis-Powell

“I love mountain tapirs, and so being able to work with them, it’s just truly a gift.[…]


Call of the Wild

With mining for cell phone components driving gorillas to the brink of extinction, the species' survival may literally lie in the palm of your hands.[…]

<strong>Gharial</strong> Photo by Subrat K. Behera

COVID, Communities, and the Croc Chirp: The Los Angeles Zoo’s Support of Indian Gharial Conservation

Habitat destruction, accidental bycatch, and flooding from agricultural activities have left the Indian gharial critically endangered, with fewer than 900 estimated to remain.

<strong>Bali Starling</strong> Photo by Lori Rogalski

Beautiful Birds of Bali

Los Angeles Zoo animal keepers regularly participate in field projects where their expertise benefits species in danger of extinction.[…]