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Dear Friends,

Sumatran Rhino, AndatuWith the remarkable birth of rhino Andatu at Way Kambas National Park in Sumatra, we were buoyed by the success of a breeding program based on pairing a wild-born female with a captive-born-and-raised animal. Could this be the answer to the dwindling population of Sumatran rhinos?

Our elation over this successful birth, which involved L.A. Zoo resources and personnel, was tempered by the news which Jeff Holland, L.A. Zoo Curator of Mammals, brought back from a crisis summit convened in Singapore in April. Instead of 160 - 190 Sumatran rhinos in the wild, the count is estimated at fewer than 100.

100! A subspecies of Sumatran rhino has inhabited our planet for 20 million years – and now there are fewer than 100 left!

I hope you will take action today and make a gift to help us support conservation programs that are working feverishly to turn the tide. It has been done before with the black-footed ferret, Hawaiian forest birds, and our own California condor.

I hope you will make a gift to help protect Andatu and the remaining wild rhinos in Sumatra.

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If you so choose, please contact the Development Division at (323) 644-6035 to make a donation by telephone. You may also mail your donation to the following address:

Conservation Appeal
5333 Zoo Drive
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Thank you for your generosity and for caring.

Connie Morgan

Connie Morgan
President, Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association

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