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Panay Cloud Rat

Scientific Name: Crateromys heaneyi

Fast Fact:

The Los Angeles Zoo is one of very few institutions that houses Panay cloud rats.

Panay Cloud Rat

Panay cloud rats were first documented in 1987. Current research on their behavior in captivity will hopefully provide insight to their behavior in the wild.

STATUS: The Panay cloud rat is listed as Endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Their population is declining due to deforestation and human interference.

HABITAT: Panay cloud rats are unique to the island of Panay in the Philippines. They reside in the top tree branches of mountain forests.

DIET: These herbivores prefer to eat fruit, especially bananas, guavas, corn, and papayas. They will also consume assorted leaves and seeds.

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Panay cloud rats measure two feet in length, but their bushy tails account for half of that. Their fur coats are soft and grayish-brown. They are lighter when the rats are young and darken when they reach adulthood.


Panay cloud rats are also referred to as cloudrunners, as they live in tree branches that reach higher than clouds. They are nocturnal animals and spend the day resting in tree hollows and forage the uppermost tree branches at night. In captivity, Panay cloud rats have produced only a single offspring per pregnancy, which is rare in rodents.

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