Animal Facts

White-Crowned Robin-Chat

Scientific Name: Cossypha albicapilla

Fast Fact:

Originally a woodland dwelling species, it has adapted to human habitation and is frequently now found in towns and city parks.

White-Crowned Robin-Chat

This colorful member of the Old World flycatcher family lives in a large part of West Africa.

STATUS: The white-crowned robin-chat is classified as Least Concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), as it occurs in large numbers throughout most of its range.

HABITAT: They live in woodlands, gallery forests, shrublands, and savannahs of West Africa from the Senegal east to Ethiopia, and from Mali south to Nigeria.

DIET: Insects that it scratches from the leaf litter on the ground.

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: The white-crowned robin-chat is the largest of the 14 species of robin-chat with a total body length of nearly 11 inches. It has a black head with a conspicuous white crown, black back, wings and tail and an orange belly. The sexes are similar.

Chat Facts

These robin-chats appear to be monogamous and territorial during the breeding season, but sometimes gather into small feeding flocks during the winter. The female lays two somewhat glossy grey-green eggs with violet spots in a cup shaped stick nest.

Robin chats were once classified in the thrush family but are now considered members of Family Muscicapidae, the Old World flycatchers. Despite the fact that white-crowned robin chats are common and widespread, they have been little studied and not much information about them has been published.

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