Animal Tales: A Check-Up for Joey the Koala

Joey is one of the newest additions to the Los Angeles Zoo family. He is a very special kind of baby – he’s a marsupial! Marsupials are born very tiny and they grow in their mom’s pouch until they get big enough to run around on their own. Joey just recently started exploring the outside world and it’s time for his first check-up. Going to the doctor can sometimes be a little scary, so let’s follow along to keep Joey company!

Joey Joey

Getting Weighed

Joey needs just a little sleepy gas to help him stay relaxed for his exam. Otherwise, he might get scared and accidentally hurt one of the doctors.

Joey Joey

Getting Checked-Out

Giving Blood

Joey Joey and Mom

Waking Up

Back Home with Mom


All Done!

You can visit Joey in the Australia section of the Los Angeles Zoo. He can usually be seen catching a piggy-back ride on his mom’s back!

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